RUSH: My 7DFPS 2014 Entry

This year I participated in 7DFPS (7 day first-person shooter), a relatively new game jam where you’re tasked with creating a first-person shooter concept in a week.  I created a game called RUSH, a fast-paced first-person stealth game.  On the official site, users are encouraged to write posts on their progress.  The link to my […]

Design Conundrum

Hey everybody.  This is going to be a weird blog.  I’ve been going back and forth on a design problem in my head, and I’m hoping I can get somewhere with it by writing it down.  And I’d thought I’d share it to let you in on my design process, which in this case is […]

Project Update

Hey all.  I wanted to write a short blog giving an update to C3, because a lot has changed recently.  Firstly, the game isn’t named C3 anymore.  It’s now Anomaly 1729.  Bit of a mouthful, but has a lot of significance to the story and themes of the game.  We’ve also been in the process […]

C3 Vlog: The Makings of a Tutorial – Part 2

Hey everyone! This is a video follow-up to the blog I did a while back. I wanted to give folks an update how the tutorial turned out for our IGF build, and go over some of the strengths and weaknesses of the level. Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy! Thanks […]

C3 Influences

Influences are a wonderful and dangerous thing. When you’re making a game, it’s great to have a touchstone you can go to when you run into crazy design problems. Games in similar genres to your own most likely faced the same design issues you may be running into, and being able to see how those […]

C3 Vlog – Level Walkthrough: A Winding Path

Hey everyone. I wanted to try something a little different this week. I want to do a small series of level walkthroughs in order to show people some of the level design concepts and philosophies we follow. And I feel like video does a much better job of conveying those concepts than walls of text. […]

Player Feedback in C3

World rotation is awesome.  We all know this.  But there are a lot challenges that come along with creating a game around the idea, especially when you’re inside the thing that’s rotating.  It’s difficult to keep track of the environment, of your goal, and it can sometimes feel like you’re not in control, which isn’t […]