Project Update

Hey all.  I wanted to write a short blog giving an update to C3, because a lot has changed recently.  Firstly, the game isn’t named C3 anymore.  It’s now Anomaly 1729.  Bit of a mouthful, but has a lot of significance to the story and themes of the game.  We’ve also been in the process of implementing some major redesigns.  We’ve added a bunch of new features and reworked the progression of the game.  I’ll be going over all of that in further blogs, showcasing the new designs and showing how they were implemented.

The other major change is we switched over the UE4!  It was a huge decision but I couldn’t be happier with the change.  I love working in the engine, and hope to share a lot of my experiences with it here.  Here’s a taste of some of the new stuff.cropped-portfolio_w2hub.jpg

Anyways, more updates are soon to come.

Thanks for reading,



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