C3 – Chasing AAA

I want to talk a bit about the techniques and philosophy behind C3’s art style and presentation. It’s a broad subject and it covers more disciplines that just my own, but I wanted to give my view on why the game looks the way it does, why we made the decisions we did to push […]

C3 Level Design – The Decision Tree

The main mechanic in C3 is world rotation. It’s not completely freeform, however. We limit the ability in a number of ways in order to create interesting puzzles and situations. Because the goal is simply progression based, to get the room in the correct orientation and get through the exit door, these limitations keep the […]

The Makings of a Tutorial

The concept of C3 is pretty easy to explain. It’s a 3D puzzle game about world rotation. Easy. However, properly conveying the individual mechanics and behaviors of the objects in the world is another matter. From the start, the goal of the tutorial was to convey the mechanics in the most seamless and simplistic way […]

The First of Many…Hopefully

This will be a blog dedicated to my thoughts on game design, the industry, as well as the progress and design philosophies behind my current project, C3.  Some of these posting can also be found on the developer blog at Anvil Drop.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and let me know what you think. […]